Swiss Air Lines Frequent Flyer scheme

Miles&More is now Swiss' frequent flier programme, and is part of the Star Alliance. It is virtually the same as Lufthansa's & Austrian's Miles&More scheme, and replaces the old Swiss Circle frequent flier scheme, now that Swiss is part of the Star Alliance.

Miles&More, is also just like most of the rest in the Star Alliance. It is however quite hard to even get onto the bottom rung of the membership ladder - you have to fly a long haul flight, to even be allowed to join.

Miles&More - Earning Miles

Every mile flown counts as a mile for destination and status for the Miles&More scheme, at varying rates.
Swiss A320 ZRH July 2006
Zurich Swiss planes line up

Worldwide, First Class gets triple miles, Business Class earns double miles, Flexible Economy Class (B,Y) gets a 50% bonus, while Restricted Economy Class (S,W) earns 50% less miles.

Around Europe, there are fixed limits. Business Class has 2,000 miles, Economy earns 1,250 or 750 miles - or the really draconian 125 miles for T class.

A really nasty point is that your Executive Bonus is awarded on flights with Swiss, Austrian, Lauda, Lufthansa and United only. If you only fly Swiss occasionally, you may get miles for free flights, but you aren't going to earn any status, and climb up to silver or gold level.

The Executive miles you have earned between January 1 and December 31 of any given year add towards the status you get.

Miles&More Senator Welcome Pack vspace= Miles&More Senator Welcome Pack

Note that if you fly on cheap Swiss economy tickets, Swiss-MilesandMore heavily reduces the number of miles you get, as does Lufthansa-Miles&More, but if you put the points on a bmi card, you get the full number of miles. Oddly, if you fly on a Lufthansa flight, bmi will give you discounted miles, but if you fly on an Swiss codeshare on the same flight, bmi will give you full miles. If you are trying this trick, it may be well worth while trying to book on an Swiss codeshare on Lufthansa metal.

Miles&More - Spending Miles

A flight around Europe costs 30,000 miles (45,000 in business). From Zurich to the US is 60,000 miles (90,000 in business), Asia is 80,000 (120,000 business), and Australia 100,000 (160,000 in business, 240,000 in first).

You can use your miles for upgrades, except of low-cost tickets (L & T around Europe, S & W around the world).

From Economy to Business around Europe costs 10,000 miles, to the US is 35,000, and Asia is 50,000 and Australia is 60,000.

Miles&More Frequent Flyer (Basic)

Once you have flown 3,000 miles, you will receive a regular Lufthansa Miles & More Card.

Miles&More Frequent Traveller (Silver)

Silver level can be achieved at 50,000 miles (or 40 Economy Class round-trips) in the previous calendar year.

You get access to the Swiss Frequent Traveller or Business Lounges all over the world, and check in at the Business Class counter, regardless of class of travel. There is also a 25% mileage bonus.

Miles&More Senator (Gold)

Miles&More Senator Card Miles&More Senator Card
Senator level can be achieved at 100,000 miles (or 30 Business Class / 60 Economy Class round-trips), although for residents of Austria it's 150,000 miles or 120 trips. It is (uniquely) valid for two years. To renew it you then need to fly another 150,000 (or 100,000) miles in the two years before your card expires.
Swiss A320 TXL August 2006
Berlin Tegel Swiss A320

It is well worth while getting to this level. There is Check-in at a Swiss First Class or Star Alliance Gold Counter, regardless of fare paid. Access to the worldwide Austrian or Lufthansa Senator lounges and Star Alliance Gold lounges with same day Star Alliance ticket. You get an extra 20kg of luggage on all Star Alliance flights (or one more piece on US flights) and an Executive Bonus of 25% on the usual crediting of bonus (and status) miles.

There are two free electronic upgrade vouchers for flights within Europe as soon as you get to Senator level, and two more each time you requalify for this level. Two vouchers are required for an upgrade on intercontinental flights. Note that United refuse to accept these vouchers, and you need to request a paper voucher from Vienna.

On getting to this level you'll get a nice pack with your new card, a booklet with details of the scheme, and two luggage labels. These are made out of red leather with a silver buckle (and say Lufthansa Airlines on one side - implying that they are a dual production to save money) with a plastic slip in card. These act as a priority luggage offload indicator, and means your luggage will come off the conveyor first.

Swiss A320 LHR August 2004
London Heathrow Swiss A320

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Swiss Air Lines Frequent Flyer scheme
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