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Aegean Airlines Business Class lounges

Aegean Airlines have their own business class lounges - a grand total of three no less! At the main hub there is a small lounge at Larnaca, a somewhat larger lounge at Athens (on the Schengen side only) and a large and brand new lounge at Thessaloniki.

An oddity at Athens is that if you are in Business class (NOT Star Alliance Gold) and flying to London or other non Schengen countries and you check in online, you can use the Olympic Air "Aristotle Onassis" Lounge at Athens (It is in Area A - outside the Schengen area).

To access all three of the Aegean Airlines Business Class lounges, you need a business class ticket, or Star Alliance Gold status.

Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge - LCA

Airside, 2nd Floor, lifts to the left of duty free Open 0515-2100
Access for Aegean Business Class, Gold Miles&Bonus, and Gold Star Alliance
Aegean Airlines have a small lounge at Larnaca, with only basic facilities in a minute windowless airless box. Indeed, forget small – it is tiny, seating 10 in comfort, or 22 at a pinch with every seat occupied. In mid-summer it can get very busy indeed before the Aegean airlines Larnaca London flight.
Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge
Larnaca Lounge Aegean Airlines

The lounge is hidden away down a corridor to the left of duty free, and up in the lift to the second floor. And then along the corridor a short distance, before you see the small sign on the door saying "Aegean Airlines lounge Larnaca airport". You’ve found it.

There is a large reception desk, and then the lounge is to the right: from the entrance you can see all of the lounge, in the gloom that always permeates the lounge: lighting is kept at a minimum. All of two black leather sofas, and four black leather chairs make up the seating, along with a curious high backed swivel chair right by the door.

Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge
Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge

There are also bar stools – 4 of them – next to the large white worktop. If you get desperate for somewhere to sit you can also sit on the newspaper shelf beside the wall, under the projectors.

Behind the bar are the computers, and at the far end are the bathrooms. And that’s it. It really is a very small place.

Food is very very basic. In the morning you can get a croissant with jam or cheese and ham.

During the day there is a salad. There are always Danish pastries.

Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge
Larnaca Lounge Aegean Airlines

The bar in the Aegean Airlines Larnaca lounge is equally basic, but functional. Beer is Keo in cans. Wine is one bottle of red or white – and its Cypriot wine too. Tasting notes are on a little card beside the bottles.

Spirits are there – but only in a very basic way. There are four bottles of Red Label, Bacardi, J&B, and Smirnoff Vodka. And that’s it.

Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge
Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge
Bathrooms are in the lounge – at the far end. There is one tiny cupboard for Gents, another for ladies, and a much larger disables toilet. Indeed, this is the largest emptiest space in the lounge.

The Larnaca Aegean Club Lounge has 3 computers with an Internet connection. They aren’t particularly fast, but at least they work, and have the joys of IE7. There are also three sockets for laptops on the food bar. There is also free wifi.

Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge
Aegean Airlines Larnaca Lounge

The one curiosity about the lounge are the large projection TVs on the walls. There are three, dominating the lounge, and are on BBC World, CNN, and the local Cypriot channel during the day.

Aegean Airlines Athens Lounge (Schengen) - ATH

Schengen-Area, by Gate 13 before security Open 0300-2000
Access for Aegean Business Class, Gold Miles&Bonus, and Gold Star Alliance
The Aegean Airlines lounge Athens is a wonderfully new clean modern space, as befits an airline which only built the lounge a few years ago. Alas, the decor itself is a little Spartan and featured a lot of glass, chrome and red & black leather. Indeed, the tables around the dining area are almost factory-esq, with just a basic wire frame. They look pretty - and are pretty tortuous to sit in for any length of time.
Aegean Lounge Larnaca
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The lounge itself is in the Schengen side, just down from the Lufthansa lounge, and a long long walk from the boarding pass check. However, the only check to get here is that you do have a boarding pass for that day: you can enter here, leave the Schengen side, and then enter the non-Schengen side if you have a flight leaving that day to the UK or other non-Schengen country.

There is a solid wall of glass in the lounge: alas, it looks out over the car park and train station. It isn't the best view at the airport.

Aegean Airlines Athens Lounge
Athens Lounge Aegean Airlines

There is a small separate glassed-in room at the far end of the Athens Aegean Airlines lounge; it is the smoking area

Foodwise, on the right hand side (inland) side, there is a large buffet counter.

The selection of food in the lounge is impressive. There are several varieties of finger sandwiches, with cheese and ham, under plastic co vers.

Sweet Greek pastries also make a full appearance here, with everything from Danish to fairy cakes.

There is a small hot cabinet of beef, spinach, and cheese filled pastries, which are better than you might expect.

The bar in the Aegean Athens Lounge is good, so long as you like Greek wine. There are two types of red, and two of white. Also while you are here, check out the brochure with a list on the wines served by Aegean Airlines.

Spirits aren't nearly as good as on the Lufthansa side. There are four types of whisky (only basic Red Label & JB) plus Bacardi and Vodka.

Beer is Mythos, in cans.

At the back of the lounge there is a small business booth, with two computers: alas it is placed right by the window and sunglare is a problem.

There is free wifi.
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