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Wine, beer and spirits, are free. All wine in economy comes in 187ml bottles. Occasionally on some short (and domestic) Lufthansa Cityline flights, in economy, there is only beer and sparkling wine on the trolley.

Lufthansa Economy class wine

Riesling Varnhalt

Unusually shaped bottles from the Black Forest

The small Varnhalt company, located in the Blackforest around Baden Baden (in Strasburg, the Rhine Valley). Although branded for Lufthansa City-Line this wine appears on all flights, including Eurowings. Fairly sweet, it is never the less acceptable, and even worthwhile swiping, if only thanks to the unusually shaped bottle.


Motzenbacker Trocken

Sweet and bland

The German Motzenbacker Paradiesgarten Trocken is farily bland with little to recommend it. This wine derives from one of the best vineyard sites from Deidesheim, the Paradiesgarten (in English, that would be the paradise garden). UK or Australian drinkers will certainly find this wine much sweeter than they would normally like, however this is unfortunately the usual wine which is handed out in economy on Lufthansa Cityline.


Bourthe Bordeaux

Classic Bordeaux

This is a perfectly acceptable Bourdeaux, and while a little tart, it does travel well. This is not a Lufthansa special, and probably benefits from that. Whatever you do though, don't spill it on your shirt. 12.5%

Dornfelder Pfalz

Rotwein Trocken Pfalz

This is foul jet fluid, something that you can use as antifreeze, or for scaring unwanted guests. The 2003 Dornfelder Rotwein Trocken Pfalz should only be taken if there is no alternative. 12.5%

Business class wine

Reisling Spatlese trocken

From Mosel-sarr-Ruwer

Pretty sweet, with the aroma of apricots and peaches. Very good.


Trumpeter Tupungato Chardonnay

From Familia Rutini, Agentina

A very deep yellow colour, its almost off-putting in the glass. Its got a lot of body, and is that decided rare thing for a Chardonnay, of being almost heavy.


Sparkling Wine Henkell Trocken

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Sparkling Wine

The bottle looks great, a really classy bottle, which is only served in business, although the foil top over the metal screw top looks a bit odd.

The Sparkling Wine is very sweet, not really the best mix of grapes, but still worth quite drinkable. It is specially bottled for Lufthansa in Wiesbaden.


Lufthansa inflight Beer

Very unusually for an airline, all beer served in all classes on all planes except for Eurowings short haul is served in bottles. Warsteiner Pils beer

Warsteiner Pils beer

Bottled beer for business

Yes, its possible to get real proper beer in a bottle on board. The Warsteiner Pils has a lovely creamy head.

6%. Warsteiner Pils beer

Becks beer

Bottled beer in every class

Even on European short haul flights it's possible to get beer in bottles - Becks is always available in evey class, at any time of day. True, it is rather bland, but who is to turn down an airline which serves it the proper way.



Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic Good cocktails served in minitures

Ask for a Gin and Tonic, and you'll be in for a treat. The Gin and Tonic variant comes with a large miniture for Bombay Saphire Gin, and a mini can on Kinley tonic water. All stired around with a strange Lufthansa "stick".

There is enough in the can and bottle for two servings. If you are in business, you will get a real glass glass.

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Lufthansa inflight drinks
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