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Etihad Airways inflight meals & food

Etihad Airways still offer free inflight meals for all flights, and in all classes.

On short flights there is only one meal serving, on longer ones two, and on the extreme long haul flights to Australia, three.

International Economy Class - Etihad Airways inflight food

Menus are handed out before the flight - and the type of menu varies according to the distance of the flight. If the flight is long, it is a single piece of card (arabic on one side, English on the other). If the flight is long, it comes as a four page booklet - even in economy! The drinks menu is on a stripe on the first page, but curiously the wine list is basic: it just lists 'Choice of wines: red or white'.

Metal cutlery is used on all flights.
Etihad Airways inflight meals ATH-AUH - July 2012

Hariassa Chicken

Roasted lemon chicken with caramelised onions served with harissa potatoes.

Greek salad with rocca lettuce. Cheese and biscuits. Cold roll, butter.

Strawberry mousse flavoured with rosewater served with berry sauce.

Etihad Airways inflight meals AUH-SYD - July 2012

Lamb biryani

Lamb biryani with aromatic rice, onion garnish.

Starter of cajun smoked chicken with vegetable couscous. Warm roll, butter. Cheese and biscuits.

Banoffee pie.

Etihad Airways inflight meals AUH-SYD - July 2012

Chicken roll

Chicken and mayo with tomato in a long roll.

Etihad Airways inflight meals AUH-SYD - July 2012

Penne pasta

Penne pasta with chicken meatballs in Arrabbiata sauce.

Greek salad. Hot roll. Butter.

Breakaway biscuit.

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