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Operational Upgrades

One of the common questions is "How do I get an upgrade on Malaysia Airlines to Business or First class?". Alas, getting upgraded to business class on Malaysia Airlines really isn't that easy. The airline has the Western, rather than American, model for upgrades longhaul. Which is to say you'll only get an upgrade if your paid for class is full, and then upgrades are processed accordingly to a pecking order of elite frequent flyer status. You are very unlikely to ever get an upgrade unless you are at least an Enrich Gold member.

To start with, make sure you are a frequent flyer, and you do fly frequently: after all, if Malaysia are going to upgrade anyone, they will upgrade those passengers who fly with them pretty regularly, and hence will enjoy the upgrade enough to put more business Malaysia's way. Then if the flight is full in economy, and someone needs to be moved up, the check in staff will first look at Enrich Gold members. Another thing that Malaysia look at is how much you paid for your ticket: it's much more likely to happen with a full fare ticket (although occasionally you can get lucky with a discounted economy ticket). On Malaysia the airline has heard - probably hundreds of times a day - requests for an upgrade: the general consensus seems to be that if you ask for an upgrade, you're more likely to get it, although opinions differ on an upgrade strategy for Malaysia Airlines.

As always, my advice on dressing properly in the pages on how to get an upgrade applies.

Malaysia Airlines website

The Malausian website does the job - despite the terrible tourism photos on the front page. However it is a bit of a pain to book tickets: It won't show the price of tickets until the stage before you book them. You have to create a profile to book tickets - but you can't request the seats you want. You have to phone up for that.

Information on their E-ticketing is also hidden away. If you book online you can't E-ticket for international flights to Thailand - instead you have to click the box which says collect them from the ticket office in central KL. It does however print out a summary.

There are some special fares hidden away, if you travel midweek and include a Saturday night, but these rise if you travel on a Friday or Saturday.

Note that some Thai airways flights are shown as fully booked on Thai's website, however you can book them as Malaysian, if they are a Thai codeshare on Malaysia metal.

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