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Thai Airways Routes and Schedules

NEWS: Thai Airways is to cut one daily flight a day to Sydney. Now only the flights departing Bangkok at 0755 and 1915 will operate (depart Sydney at 1000 and 1525).

Thai Airways' main hub is at the new Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi, or BKK for short). There is also a smaller, northern hub at Chang-Mai (CNX).

Thai fly from London (LHR) to Bangkok (BKK) daily at 1230 (landing at 0605) and at 2130 (landing at 1505), both using a 747-400.

Thai 777 at Singapore Jan 2004 Thai 777 in the early morning sunshine at Singapore

There are also flights from Frankfurt (FRA) to Bangkok daily at 1505 (landing 0645) and Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 2150 (landing at 1230). Munich (MUC) to Bangkok daily except Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 2130, arriving 1350. Copenhagen (CPH) to Bangkok daily except Tuesday at 1430 landing 0650 (using a 747-400), and from Stockholm (ARN) daily except Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 1435, arriving at 0635.

In the return direction from Bangkok there are return flights to LHR daily at 0110, and 4 days a week at 1230. To Frankfurt daily at 2345, with extras 4 days a week at 1245, Copenhagen 6 days a week at 0140 landing 0725, and to Stockholm 4 days a week at 0130, arriving at 0650.

From Bangkok there are regular flights to Australia. Thai were seriously considering abandoning all First class on the Aussie routes, but this plan has thankfully been scrapped, with the use of the A340-600.

There are now only two flights a day to Sydney. The third daily flight has been suspended. The 0755 arrives at 2000 (using an A340-600, which is by far the best of the three), and the 1915 arriving at 0715 (on an A340-600). On the return the flights leave Sydney at 1000 (arriving 1630) and at 1525 (arriving at 2155) on an A340-600. The late night 2110 (arriving 0620) on an A340-600 which stoped off at another Australian airport on it's way to Thailand, a round trip that adds three hours to the flight time has been suspended, which is a major pain, as it connected with early morning flights to Europe.

From Bangkok there are direct flights to Melbourne using the 777-300 (with no first class) at 0015 (arriving at 1205) and 0810 (arriving 2000), plus the milk-round flight that stops in at Sydney. on the return Melbourne has the above flight from Sydney that picks up in Melbourne too, plus flights at 1605 (arriving back at BKK at 2235) and at 2330 (arriving back at 0600) on a 777-300.

Brisbane gets a daily flight from Bangkok at 2359, landing at 0620, using an Airbus 340-600 with First Class. It returns at 0755, landing at 2245. There are also flight at 0755, landing at 2245, using the same A340 that goes first down to Sydney, and again this adds a lot of time to the journey.

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Perth has a direct flights from Bangkok on a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at 0750, plus Midnight flights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Beware that on the return, the A330 leaving at 0915 on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday calls in at Phuket (HKT) on the way, adding an extra hour and a half to the journey.

Thai 747-400 at Sydney Nov 2002 Thai 747-400 at Sydney

Thai also has codeshares to the USA with United via Japan.

Around the peninsular there are some codeshare flights on Malaysian airways planes.

Up to the northern hub of Chiang-Mai (CNX), there are shuttles pretty much every hour or two. Most of these use the ancient Airbus A300 planes (known as the AB6) Thai should have scrapped years ago, but every day a 777-300 is rostered onto the 1720 flight from Bangkok, which is by far the flight of choice. For those hunting a 747 on a ultra-shorthaul, there is the 0745 on a Tuesday and Friday. The return on a Tuesday and Friday leaving Chiang Mai at 0955 is also on a 747-400. These flights have become notorious in Frequent Flyer circles, because Business Class seats on the upper deck are very cheap indeed, and gain considerably extra miles on some Frequent Flyer programmes

There are direct flights to Los Angeles, using the new A340-500 with Premium Economy, however Thai Airways has scrapped its nonstop flights to New York, because of the cost of fuel.
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