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Qantas Routes and Schedules

NEWS: Qantas are making major cutbacks. All Qantas-operated flights will now terminate at Hong Kong and Bangkok, except for Singapore, which will be the sole way to get to London. It will also scrap the long-haul route to Buenos Aires. Malaysian Airlines may be used for codeshares to take people onwards from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul, Rome and Amsterdam. Qantas has also axed all flight from Sydney to San Francisco. Instead, the Boeing 747-400ERs are to be used from Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth. This may seem a strange destination, but it is part of Qantas' plan to link up with American Airlines hub at this airport, and offer direct connections to most parts of the US. Flights are oddly only on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a Saturday initially, and use an older 747 that does not have flat be seats in business class.

Qantas have an intense service to the UK, as you'd expect from an airline based in an old colony.

From Sydney there are two flights a day to London Heathrow. Both leave in the afternoon: the 1610 uses an A380 via Singapore, while the 1655 uses a 747 via Bangkok. Qantas 767 at Sydney Jan 2003 Qantas 767 at Sydney

A key route Qantas are promoting is from Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth, to link up with American Airlines hub at this airport. Flights are oddly only on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a Saturday, leaving at 1325 and arriving at 1350. This is a whopping 15 and a half hours in the sky, and the only aircraft that can make this distance, the Boeing 747-400ER doesn't even have flat beds in Business Class. This aircraft was used from Sydney to San Francisco, a route which Qantas have now axed.

Los Angeles gets a flight daily at 1045 (except Tuesday - arrives 0645) on a 747 and 1305 (arrives 0945) on the A380 (which is a much better choice. Alas, the old 1550 to LA has been axed. The 1045 flight to LA carries on the New York daily, getting in at 1715 (oddly, on the day you left).

There are two flights a day from Sydney to Hong Kong, at 1045 (on a 747-400) and 2205 (using an A330 - Friday Sunday and Monday only).

Tokyo gets a daily flight at 2145, and Frankfurt has a daily flight at 1550, which is the second one to Singapore, on a 747.

Sydney to Johannesburg is an usual one - a real long haul of 14 hours ona 747 every day, leaving at 1000 and landing at 1615 the same day. It never goes dark outside the cabin, which can be a bit disconcerting.

Of course, Qantas doesn't just fly from Sydney - there is a major (if smaller) hub in Melbourne as well.

Melbourne to London Heathrow has a daily flight at 1530 on an A380 via Singapore. Five days a week there is also a flight to Hong Kong at 2250: the slightly longer way around the world means this only lands at Heathrow at 1330, which may be a better arrival time than very early in the morning if you're on holiday.

There are also daily flights to Los Angeles at 0935. Alas, Melbourne to Tokyo has been axed.

Perth to Singapore daily at 0745 and 1650.

Adelaide to Singapore on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 1225.

Qantas 767 for Perth lines up behind a 747 for London April 2004 Singapore a Qantas 767 for Perth lines up behind a 747 for London

Darwin to Singapore on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 1550.

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Qantas has restarted flights to Mumbai (Bombay) in India, oddly from from Brisbane, and only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, via Sinagpore. Qantas axed this route a couple of years back, when it was flown five days a week with Boeing 767 aircraft, which were transfered to domestic operations.

Qantas have axed a number of flights over the past few years. All services to Paris have been cut, to be replaced with an AirFrance codeshare to Singapore: it is rumoured to be looking at putting back a connection to Paris using Jetstar. Similarly Rome has now been replaced with a Cathay Pacific codeshare. Athens went many years ago, but the possibility of a Jetstar connection has been raised. Qantas did flirt with a connection from Sydney to Mumbai (Bombay) in India, but has now axed this route twice.

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