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British Airways JFK First Lounge 4 Star Rating: jolly good rating 8/10
BA JFK First Lounge Food
3 Star Rating: OK, could be better rating 6/10
BA JFK First Lounge Drink
3.5 Star Rating: OK rating 7/10
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Terminal 4 airside, up escalator
Open: 0600-2145 for First Class, Gold Executive Club and oneworld Emerald

JFK: New York - British Airways - First Class lounge

New York JFK British Airways First Lounge
The British Airways First Lounge at New York JFK takes the form of a long thin room, with a bar on the right as you go in, a kind of light central area, with windows overlooking a flat roof, and then at the back a thin corridor with computers and a small window overlooking the check in area. There are plenty of chairs, however only those up against the near wall are the big squashy arm chairs with footstalls.
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