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ANA All Nippon Airlines inflight drinks and bar

Wine, beer and spirits, are free on ANA. All wine in economy comes in 187ml bottles, while you get the proper stuff from full sized ones in business, except for Sake which always comes in airline minitures.

The ANA cabin crew are very used to businessmen boozzing their way through flights, so you won't look out of place if you ask for refils in the air: indeed, they are often given without asking.

Business Class Sparkling Wine - ANA All Nippon Airlines inflight drinks

Sparkling Wine Piper-Heidsieck Brut

Great Sparkling Wine
A really good Sparkling Wine, its pricey on the ground... so you might as well get the benefits of paying a fortune for your ticket, and enjoy this proper French stuff from Reimes.

The Piper-Heidsieck is only available long-haul.


Business Class Sake - ANA All Nippon Airlines inflight drinks

A much better Sake is served in business class. This is served warm - as it should be - and has a light sweet flavour.

Economoy Sake - ANA All Nippon Airlines inflight drinks

This is a a very basic rice wine. Beware of the hangover which is beyond brutal.

Beer - ANA All Nippon Airlines inflight drinks

If you ask for a beer you'll also get a packet of ANA Rice Crackers with it.

Sapporo beer

Sapporo describes it as a beer brand as having "a touch of class", and so it is. This is marginally better than the Kirin (although all flights have devotees of both) with a stronger flavour. It is a 100% malt beer. Kirin

Despite its name, Sapporo beer is no longer brewed in Sapporo, though the company does run a brewery in Hokkaido. Sapporo is also brewed in Sendai, Chiba, Shizuoka, and New Kyushu. It comes in the usual airline 275ml tin.

Kirin beer

Kirin Longtime leader of the Japanese beer market, the Kirin Brewery Company has it's products on all ANA flights. This is the usual tame stuff you get on the ground, in a 275ml tin. It's pretty mild, with a slight hoppy flavour.

Spirits & Cocktails - Business Class - ANA All Nippon Airlines inflight drinks

These are only served in business and first class.

Bloody Mary

You can't go wrong with the ANA Bloody Marys - particularly if you stagger onto the early morning Heathrow flight at Narita with a hangover thanks to too much Sake the night before.

It comes with the usual airline tin of Mr & Mrs T's Bloody Mary mix, and a mini bottle of Absolute vodka, so you can mix it as you'd like it. Alas, you often have to ask for some pepper.

Gin and Tonic

Gordon's Gin with an unidentified Japanese tonic. It could be worse, far worse.


Great after a long leasurly dinner over the Urals on your way to Tokyo, before getting some kip at 38,000 feet.