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4 Star Rating: Recommended Singapore Airlines
Singapore Lounge
rated 8/10
4.5 Star Rating: HighlyRecommended Singapore Airlines
Singapore Lounge Food
3 Star Rating: OK Singapore Airlines
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Terminal 3, by gate A5
Open: 0530-2330 Business Class - no access Star Gold

SIN: Singapore Changi Terminal 3 - Singapore Airlines - Business Class Lounge

Singapore Airlines Singapore Changi Silver Kris Business Class Lounge Terminal 3
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The Singapore Airlines new Silver Kris Lounge in Terminal 3 at Singapore Changi International Airport looks like a proper flagship lounge, with high ceiling and natural flights and new mood lighting. There is a marble floor with brown coloured carpet, marble walls, and lots of black leather armchairs. The lounge is huge - and it needs to be, because this place gets very busy with all the Europe to Australasia transfer traffic. It looks pretty impressive but it is let down by some of the facilites, but it's still up there with some of the great airline lounges of the world.
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