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Qantas A330-200 seating plan - A332, Domestic 36J cabin layout - seat pictures & colour interactive seat map, review of best seats in economy & business class

Seat map: Qantas A330-200 (332) Seating plan

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This seating plan is for the Airbus A330-200, Qantas' latest plane for long-haul domestic operation, with up to date in-flight entertainment & the newest seats. It's very quiet, comfortable & vastly better than a 767.
Qantas A330-200
Qantas Routes: Sydney & Melbourne to Perth
3.5 Star Rating: Mostly Recommended Qantas A330-200 Business Class : 36 seats    rated 7 / 10

    Pitch 38" width 21.5" Recline 45° IFE 12in flipout TV AVOD

4 Star Rating: Recommended Qantas A330-200 Economy Class: 265 seats    rated 8 / 10

    Pitch 31" width 18.1" Recline 25° IFE 8in seatback TV AVOD
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Airbus A330-200
The Qantas A330 Business Class seating map is in a 2-2-2 layout, unlike the 2-3-2 layout of previous planes, giving a pitch of 38”, and a width of 21.5”. The Silverwing seat has a cocktail table and fold-out footrest.
The seat plan for Economy Class in the Qantas A330-200 domestic has a seat pitch of 31” and a width of 18.1”. Seats are in a 2-4-2 layout, ensuring you are only one seat away from the isle. Each Qantas A330 seat has a seatback TV, a base that moves with the recline, and adjustable slide up headrests with wings

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Food: Qantas have a good reputation for inflight food, and serve complementary drinks (Free beer & wine after noon).
Details: food wine & beer»
Entertainment: The AVOD system has 12 films which alternate on East & West bound flights, plus 44 documentaries, 33 comedies, and 10 games.
More IFE details...»

Lounges: Qantas have Qantas Club & Business Class lounges at most airports.
These lounges have free food and drink with a complementary bar.

Lounge Details:

Online Checkin: Qantas have full online check-in from 24 hours before the flight.

The best seats on the Qantas A330 are normally regarded as 23A & K, and 44A & K, however these Qantas A330 best seats are normally reserved for Qantas' most frequent flyers.

Qantas A330-200 usually operate: QF575/QF580/QF581/QF582/QF583/QF568 Sydney to Perth and back. QF481/QF485/QF648/QF802 Melbourne to Perth and back. Occasionally QF412/QF467/QF487/QF497/QF460/ Sydney to Melbourne and back.