Olympic Airlines Food

Food on Olympic airlines is a bit of a mixed bag. There is free food in economy on the longer of European flights, but not to the islands.

Plastic knives & forks are used on all flights to LHR. Elsewhere they are metal.

European Business Class

Olympic offer a full tray of food to business class passengers, even on the shortest of flights to the islands. For example on the flight from Mykanos to Athens, with a duration of 18 minutes, the call of 10 minutes to landing can be given before you even get your tray. The crew then attempt a drink service on a trolley: can can be on finals before you get this, giving you about 2 minutes to cram down the food: madness. Athens-Santorini July 2008


A tray with four sandwiches. Two cheese, one ham, one turkey. A sliver of lettuce leaf. Two olives, one black one green.

A muffin. Olymic Club wetwipe.

This is a pretty good offering, particularly if you have longer than 5 minutes to get this down. Its good to get some variety in the sandwiches too. Other airlines could learn to offer more on their services.

Athens-Santorini July 2008

Cheese & chicken

Two slices of Greek bread, on which is a sliver of roast chicken. Two slivers of cheese. Two lettuce leaves. A tomato. A slice of lemon.

A pastry in a tray with some type of goo. Olymic Club wetwipe.

Get ready, get set... go. You've got exactly 2 minutes to eat this if you get it on the flight from Mykanos. The idea is to grab the tray, slam the two bits of bread together, swallow, and hand back the tray. Hilarious.