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Air Canada passenger reviews

Ah, Air Canada. It seems everyone has an opinion on Canada's largest airline and flag carrier, either as a tourist - where you may get an experience better than your expectations at the back of economy - or flying on business, where you may wonder what all the fuss is about. Air Canada Seats.

Air Canada passenger experience

Air Canada operates a full service, full route network, around two main hubs. The airline, founded in 1937, has its corporate headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. Air Canada is the world's 13th largest airline by fleet size and has its largest hub is at Toronto, along with Montreal, and a small mini hub in Vancouver.

Air Canada reviews improved markedly when it launched a new cabin interior for it's latest generation Boeing 777. It features a lie flat bed in economy class, vastly more room in Premium Economy, and revamped cushions in Business. There is also a new menu, with food on demand (from steam ovens) ordered by the seatback touchscreens. Air Canada Inflight Movies.

Air Canada has revamped it's fleet with Project XM: Extreme Makeover. This is Air Canada's project to revamp the aircraft cabins on all aircraft, except the now replaced A340s. New aircraft being delivered already have the new features. The problem is of course that you have no way of knowing if you'll get a new aircraft with all the toys, or something that's out of the '60s and which should have retired a long time ago, with dodgy seats and entertainment that rarely works. Air Canada inflight experience.

Longhaul it is a full-service airline, however the quality can be a bit hit or miss: certainly in premium classes, there are some better airlines, but in economy it can come in cheaper than most. The soft product - such as the food and the service - can be better than you'd expect, but the hard product - the planes & seats - can be a bit random. Air Canada Fleet.

Air Canada reviews highligh Air Canada's lounges. The lounges themselves are called the Maple Leaf Lounges, and again, it makes sense to compare them with those over the border. Compared with most airline lounges in the US, they are brilliant, however on an international level, they are not so good. Indeed, they are pretty poor really, with the domestic lounges only having basic food. Internationally they are better, but a Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge review still comes in behind other carriers. Air Canada Lounges.

Some of Air Canada's domestic flights can actaully be of an amazingly long duration. Forget the 'minor' five hour hop from Toronto to Vancouver: Vancouver to St Johns is over 3,300 miles: still a tiddler in world terms compared to some of the Russian domestics though. Then there are the 17 hour marathons over the Pacific, with Vancouver to Sydney well up there in terms of one of the world's longest twin-engine flights over water. That doesn't make the service in the air any better though. Air Canada Routes.

When asking if you should fly with Air Canada, The Air Canada reviews on the following pages should give you a pretty firm idea: it's a pretty good airline, but there are better in the world. However, on many of the routes into Canada, there is only one choice - and Air Canada it is.

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