Asiana Airlines Review
Frequent Flyer Star Alliance
Fleet 72 (15 longhaul)
Seat Pitch Economy 34"
Business: 58"
Food Full service
Drink Full service
Lounges First, Business
Asiana First Class
rating 5 out of 10         2.5 Star Rating: Not the best, not to shabby
Asiana Business Class
rating 4 out of 10         2 Star Rating: There are better options
Asiana Economy Class
rating 6 out of 10         3 Star Rating: OK
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Asiana Airlines Review Overview

Rating: 5 out of 10 2.5 Star Rating: Very good indeed Reviewed from 111 flights with 366 photos.

Asiana Airlines is a pretty standard national airline of South Korea, and has it's main hub at Seoul (Incheon International Airport). A midsized, global, full-service airline, the quality can bit a bit hit or miss: certainly in premium classes, there are some better airlines, but in economy it can come in cheaper than most, and an Asiana Airlines review of Economy generally says it is good value for money.

The soft product - such as the food and the service - can be better than you'd expect, but the hard product - the planes & seats - can be a bit hit and miss: often there is no way of knowing if you'll get a new plane with all the frills, or an older version with dodgy seats and entertainment. Read Asiana IFE details.

An Asiana review of business class will generally highlight the seats: they are such a random, variable quality. On some flights you'll get the best, with a fully flat seat: other Boeing 777s will just have a lie slope seat, and on some of the oldest Boeing 747s there is just an old fashioned recliner. Having said that, the business class lounges at Seoul are very good indeed, and the First Class lounge is superb. Read Asiana Business Class lounge details.

Asiana Airlines (formerly known as Seoul Airlines) has rapidly expanded since its establishment in 1988, and now has a fleet of 69 aircraft. It flies to 21 coutries, and yet for many passengers, it can be an airline that they miss, or don't consider. The reason is simple: unless you want to get directly to Seoul, it can be a right pain to fly on it. In particular on the popular Kangaroo route from the UK to Australia, Asiana have exceptionally poor connections, taking 2 days in either direction, with an overnight stay in Korea (although you do get a free hotel on the way back). Read Asiana Korea Stopover details.

Few western passengers route via Korea, and as such on board you can can very much feel like the odd one out as an English speaker, although all announcements are made in English, few staff will speak anything other than Korean, and inflight entertainment is definately a minus if you aren't fluent in Korean. Every Asiana Airlines Review will also mention the food: if you want a true slice of Korean cuisine, Asiana is the way to go. You can even get the famous Bim-Bam-Bap in all classes, in all flights. There is of course a free alcoholic bar in all classes, on all flights. Read about Asiana inflight food.

Having said that, it does the job professionally, and the distinctly Asian touches can have a novel feel about it. It's certainly well worth trying if you're a bit bored with what other airlines offer. Read more about Asiana inflight experience.

ASIANA Boeing 777 at Soeul Incheon Airport March 2009
Asiana Boeing 777 at Soeul Incheon Airport

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